1. Purpose:

The Journal of Business Insight and Innovation (JBII) is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical publishing and providing a fair and transparent process for addressing concerns and complaints. This policy outlines the procedures for individuals to raise concerns or complaints related to JBII's activities, including:

  • Editorial decisions (e.g., manuscript reviews, acceptance/rejection)
  • Ethical issues (e.g., plagiarism, authorship disputes)
  • Journal policies and procedures
  • Behavior of editors, reviewers, or other affiliated individuals

2. Who can submit a complaint?

  • Authors, reviewers, editors, readers, and any other stakeholder with a legitimate interest in JBII's operations.
  • Anonymous complaints will be considered, but may be limited in their investigation and resolution.

3. How to submit a complaint:

  • Complaints should be submitted in writing to the Editor-in-Chief.
  • Complaints should clearly state the nature of the concern, the specific issue, and any relevant evidence or information.
  • Complaints can be submitted electronically (email) or by mail.

4. Complaint Process:

  • The Editor-in-Chief will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 5 business days.
  • The Editor-in-Chief will appoint an ad hoc committee to investigate the complaint. This committee will typically consist of two senior editors with expertise relevant to the nature of the complaint.
  • The committee will review the complaint, gather any necessary information, and may contact the complainant for further clarification.
  • The committee will aim to reach a decision within 20 business days of receiving the complaint.
  • The complainant will be informed of the committee's decision and the rationale behind it, within 5 business days of the decision being made.

5. Possible Outcomes:

  • The committee may find that the complaint is unsubstantiated and no further action is required.
  • The committee may recommend to the Editor-in-Chief to take action, such as:
    • Revising an editorial decision
    • Issuing a correction or retraction
    • Implementing changes to journal policies or procedures
    • Taking disciplinary action against individuals involved

6. Appeals:

  • If the complainant is not satisfied with the decision of the committee, they can appeal to the Publisher within 10 business days of receiving the committee's decision.
  • The Publisher will review the appeal and make a final decision, which will be communicated to the complainant within 15 business days.

7. Confidentiality:

  • JBII will treat all complaints confidentially to the extent possible.
  • The identity of the complainant will not be revealed without their consent, except in exceptional circumstances (e.g., legal requirements).

8. Continuous Improvement:

  • JBII is committed to improving its complaint handling procedures.
  • Feedback from complainants will be considered in reviewing and revising this policy.

9. Contact:

  • For any questions regarding this policy or to submit a complaint, please contact the Editor-in-Chief of JBII.