Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy for the Journal of Business Insight and Innovation


The Journal of Business Insight and Innovation (JBII) respects the intellectual property rights of authors and creators. To protect these rights and ensure the proper use of copyrighted materials, JBII has adopted the following copyright policy.

1. Copyright Ownership:

  • Upon acceptance of a manuscript for publication, JBII acquires the exclusive right to publish, reproduce, distribute, and display the article in any form, both in print and electronic media.
  • Authors retain copyright ownership of their work. However, they grant JBII a non-exclusive license to publish and distribute the article.
  • Authors are free to use their work in other publications or presentations, provided they acknowledge JBII as the original publisher.
  • If an author wishes to reuse parts of their JBII article in a new publication, they must obtain permission from JBII and cite the original article accordingly.

2. Copyright of Third-Party Materials:

  • Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce any copyrighted material (e.g., figures, tables, quotations, images) from other sources.
  • Permission letters must be submitted to JBII along with the manuscript.
  • JBII reserves the right to request proof of copyright ownership for any material used in an article.

3. Open Access Policy:

  • JBII is an open access journal, meaning that all articles are freely available to read and download online.
  • This allows for broader dissemination of research and promotes knowledge sharing.
  • However, authors must follow copyright guidelines to ensure the proper use of copyrighted materials.

4. Copyright Notice:

  • All articles published in JBII must include a copyright notice, typically in the footer of the first page.
  • The copyright notice should state the copyright holder and year of publication.
  • For example: © [Author Name(s)] [Year of Publication]. Published by Journal of Business Insight and Innovation.

5. Infringement:

  • JBII takes copyright infringement seriously.
  • Any unauthorized use of copyrighted material in JBII articles will be investigated and addressed accordingly.
  • Consequences of infringement may include:
    • Retraction of the article
    • Legal action

6. Contact:

  • Authors with questions about copyright or seeking permission to reuse published material should contact the Editor-in-Chief of JBII.